Gods Of Olympus
Classic slot which all included Greek mythology to join us in!!

How to play
1. First, choose the number of bets at “+ or -” button.
Bet amount start with
500, 2,000, 5,000, 20,000, 2,000, And 50,000 coupons.

2. After choosing bet amount, tap on “SPIN” button for start.

3. Equipment tab
3.1 Effect and sound button

3.2 Apply host Lucky Code button

3.3 Speed button

3.4 AUTO SPIN button

4. Description button

5. Reward rate table and winning line.

6. Description of Respin mode.

7. Description of God mini game.

8. Language button

9. Exit button

Just follow the suggestion and join Gods of Olympus as well as you can!!
Join us and be a part of Greek mythology.

Winnine Pacific Pty Ltd ,NSW Australia