Hit plane
Win a prize of 130,000 coupons
Event duration
May 1st 2024 (12.00 AM) GMT+7 - May 5th 2024 (11.59 PM) GMT+7
Event description
1.Top 30 players with highest “TURNOVER”
within event period will be eligible to be rewarded.

2. Special rewards for 1 player who reach more 10M of Turnover during event period
will be rewarded for 30,000 coupons.

Event reward
1st place, receive 30,000 coupons
2nd place, receive 20,000 coupons
3rd place, receive 10,000 coupons
4th- 5th places, receive 5,000 coupons
6th – 15th places, receive 3,000 coupons


Event condition
1st place must reach 5M or more for Turnover for receiving prize.
2nd -3rd place must reach 3M or more for Turnover for receiving prize.
4th – 5th places must reach 1M or more for Turnover for receiving prize.
6th – 15th places must reach 500K or more for Turnover for receiving prize.

Event conditions (reserve)
If 1st place gets 3M or more Turnover will receive 20,000 coupons.
If 1st -3rd place gets 1M or more Turnover will receive 5,000 coupons.
If 1st – 5th places get 500K or more Turnover will receive 3,000 coupons.
If 1st – 15th places get 300K or more Turnover will receive 1,000 coupons.

If one of each in ranking cannot pass all conditions we provide,
but get 70K or more Turnover will receive 500 coupons.

(The reserve event condition is provided for players who cannot pass the event conditions,
but places in top rank. Moreover, players cannot receive rewards from both conditions.)
- Players who attend the event must pass all conditions we provided to receive rewards.
- “Lucky Games event” is not including in host income ranking conditions pass.
- Event result will be announced in 5 days after event end.
- Time during offline server or maintenance times are still continue in the event.
- We reserve the right to change the event details without prior notice.
- The staff’s decision is final.
- Ranking score will be calculate in last day of the event.
- If we found any Turnover boosted or any wrong circumstance that are related to player benefit, rewards will be eliminate from that account for every Lucky Games event.
- Time based from our main server.

For more information, please contact
please contact : @luckygames
or Facebook : @luckygamesmlive
Winnine Pacific Pty Ltd ,NSW Australia
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