How to play Rome Slot
Fire SLOT game!! Feel the Roman warrior, fight against king of beasts
and be arrogant with crowd cheers around the Colosseum.

How to Play
1. Choose your bet amount by the lower left screen.
For adjust bet amount tap on “-” and “+” buttons.
Here is the bet amount we have:

750 coupons / 1,500 coupons / 7,500 coupons / 15,000 coupons and 75,000 coupons

2. After choose bet amount, tap “Spin” for start spin.

3. Setting menu
3.1 On/Off sound and music
3.2 Register Lucky Code of host over here.

4. Game’s description and details

5. Details of reward rate and winning line.

6. Description of FREE mode

7. Description of Bonus Game mode

8. Change language button

9. Exit button

Not that hard to start being Roman warrior it’s your turn to play now!!
Winnine Pacific Pty Ltd ,NSW Australia