How to play “AZTEC”
AZTEC a hit slot game that came up with an easy reward!!
Come find an ancient treasure and go big together.
How to play step by step
1. After a player enter to Aztec, click on + or - at the bottom left corner.
Choose the amount of coupon for bet which are
500 coupons / 2,000 coupons / 5,000 coupons / 20,000 coupons / 50,000 coupons

2. After decided the number for bet, tap at “Spin” to begin

3. Tools tab
3.1 Sound ON / OFF
3.2 Register for host code
3.3 Change the screen rotation
(vertical / horizon)

3.3.1 Both vertical and horizon are available

4. Game description and function detail

5. Payment table for each symbol

6. Description for each symbol in the game

7. Description of Free game mode and it’s multiple

8. Win line pattern of the game

9. Language change

10. Exit game button

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