Inter host at night

Enjoy a good night with inter host

08 NOVEMBER 2023 (03:00 PM) - 27 NOVEMBER 2023 (11:59 PM) GMT+7


Inter night
10 Coupons

1. Top 5 hosts who received the most “Inter night” will gain reward.
2. Host is requiring to be active every day for at least 6 hours
during the activity period at 06:00 pm – 03:00 am GMT+7
(with 2 hours maximum for each day)
3. Top 5 hosts who received reward cash reward required to receive
10,000 minimum pieces of gift.
4. Special prize! If accumulate gifts of server is more than 120,000 pieces,
top 10 host who received most gifts will receive 30,000 coupons for each.
5. Host send a gift to host, score will not count.
6. Host ranking, reserved the right only for INTER host to participate in this event.
However, host under guarantee or special rates cannot attend this event.

1st place receiving 1,000 THB
2nd place receiving 800 THB
3rd place receiving 500 THB
4th -5th places receiving 300 THB

1st place receiving 50,000 coupons
2nd place receiving 30,000 coupons
3rd place receiving 10,000 coupons

Total rewards is equal to 2,900 THB + 390,000 coupons

Note: Valid only gifts receiving during the mentioned period.
08 NOVEMBER 2023 (03:00 PM) - 27 NOVEMBER 2023 (11:59 PM) GMT+7

- Reserved the right for host in “INTER” tab only to participate in this event.
- Minimum sent /received gift required to be over 10,000 pieces
and total receiving amount of gift required to be over 120,000 pieces
for participant to eligible to receive reward.
- In the case of broadcaster receives the same number of gifts,
the app will give broadcaster the right to receive the most of recent gift nominal first.
- Broadcaster who participates the event, must host the program and talk with user.
Broadcaster who sleeps, turns the camera to the empty room and the ceiling,
broadcasts with the black screen, or acts inappropriately while hosting the program,
will be disqualified from the rewards.
- Checking and prize giving by the staff takes place within 5 days after the event end.
- We reserve the right to change the event details without prior notice.
- The staff’s decision is final.
- Time during offline server or maintenance times are still continue in the event.
- Time’s mainly based on server.
- Reserved the right not cumulate gift and event point from non-top up user.

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Inter host at night

Bersenang-senang di malam hari bersama VJ Inter.

08 NOVEMBER 2023 (03:00 PM) - 27 NOVEMBER 2023 (11:59 PM) WIB


Inter night
20 kupon

Detail Event
1. 5 VJ pertama yang menerima gift “Inter night” terbanyak akan menerima hadiah.
2. VJ harus online selama periode event.
selama minimal 6 jam Online antara pukul 18.00 - 03.00 WIB
(Waktu live maksimum dapat dihitung tidak lebih dari 2 jam per hari selama periode event)
3. VJ yang mendapatkan hadiah uang tunai harus punya jumlah total hadiah yang mendapat
melebihi 10.000 gift untuk menerima hadiah
4. Hadiah spesial! Bagi 10 VJ teratas yang menerima gift terbanyak,
akan diberi hadia kupon 30.000 kupon,
jika jumlah total hadiah yang dikirim di server melebihi 120.000 gift.

5. VJ mengirimkan hadiah kepada VJ . Poin tidak akan dihitung dalam event.
6. Kami berhak mengizinkan VJ di tab INTER untuk berpartisipasi dengan event ini.
Kecuali host rate Casting.

Hadiah untuk VJ yang menerima gift terbanyak
Juara 1 menerima hadiah 1,000 baht
Juara 2 mendapat hadiah 800 baht
Juara 3 mendapat hadiah 500 baht
Juara 4-5 mendapat hadiah 300 baht

Hadiah untuk User yang mengirim gift paling banyak
Juara 1 menerima 50.000 kupon
Juara 2 menerima 30.000 kupon
Juara 3 menerima 10.000 kupon

Total nilai hadiah 2,900 baht + 390,000 kupon

Catatan: Hanya Gift yang dikirim dalam periode event yang dihitung.
08 NOVEMBER 2023 (03:00 PM) - 27 NOVEMBER 2023 (11:59 PM) WIB

- Kami berhak mengizinkan VJ di tab INTER untuk berpartisipasi dengan event ini .
Kecuali host rate Casting
- VJ harus menerima minimal 10.000 gift dan jumlah total hadiah yang dikirim harus melebihi
120.000 gift untuk menerima hadiah
- Jika jumlah hadiah sama, hak akan diberikan kepada VJ yang menerima hadiah terbaru
terlebih dahulu dan memiliki ranking lebih tinggi.
- VJ yang mengikuti event tersebut harus live dan berbicara dengan para user dalam kasus
live,tetapi tunjukkan kamar kosong, lantai, plafon, layar hitam, atau melanggar peraturan
akan didiskualifikasi dari event ini.
- Tim akan mengecek dan mengirimkan hadiah kupon dalam waktu 5 hari
kerja setelah event berakhir.
- Kami berhak untuk mengubah tanpa pemberitahuan sebelumnya.
- Mengikuti dalam event dan menerimahadiah tunduk pada kondisi perusahaan.
- Waktu event berdasarkan waktu server.
- Keputusan kami bersifat final.
- Event yang diadakan selama waktu tutup server atau karena alasan tidak bisa online.
- Tanggal akhir event seperti semula.
- Tim berhak untuk tidak menghitung poin event yang menerima hadiah dari user tanpa topup.

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