for free coupon claiming EP1

Did you know? there are ways for free coupon.
For those who want it just come here.
Just only watch Ads, the more you watch the more you earn so simple!

Free coupon claiming for MLiveU, MCat and Komi live
Free coupon for daily with a very simple steps

How to claim free coupon click

Or following these steps
1.Open application MLiveU, MCat or Komi live on the top just tap
“Watch Ads to get free Coupons now !”

2.Click at “Watch Ads to get free Coupons” on Popup

3.Advert will appear, watch till the end then close and receive coupons

If advertise ended, coupons will automatically transfer to your IDX

4. If there are more coupon reward, watch and earn banner will pop up again, click X to close.

Click X (cross) to close Popup

5.Click at “Watch Ads to get free Coupons now !” on top again to claim more reward
(coupon will be continue random, just tap till it disappear)

Click at “Watch Ads to get free Coupons now!” on top again

6.If daily free coupons ran out of quota
“Watch Ads to get free Coupons now !” on top will disappear.

But..good news they will be back on the next day!

Everyone can claim coupons easily on everyday
7. Go check the increase numbers of coupon, by go to profile (My Coupon)

Very simple steps for free coupon
Do it and claim it by yourself, don’t be slow…go grab now.

For more information, please contact
MLiveFanClub page.
Winnine Pacific Pty Ltd ,NSW Australia