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Broadcaster and User who collect the most point of “JR Bomb” will receive the rewards.

15 SEPTEMBER 2023 (03:00 PM) - 24 SEPTEMBER 2023 (11:59 PM) GMT+7
1. Host who receives most of event gift will receive reward.
2. Only count a score for gifts are send from user to host
3. Host must have minimum score at 5,000 to join and particapate in the event
and to receive reward.


Price 10 coupons


If total receiving gift are over 70,000 pieces, there will be a reward:
1st place receives, 1000 THB.
2nd place receives, 700 THB.
3rd place receives, 300 THB.

If total receiving gift are over 200,000 pieces, there will be a reward:
1st place receives, 2,000 THB.
2nd place receives, 1,500 THB.
3rd place receives, 600 THB.


1st place receives, 80,000 Coupons.
2nd place receives, 50,000 Coupons.
3rd place receives, 30,000 Coupons.

Total prize is up to 4,100 baht + 160,000 coupons

- Host ranking, reserved the right only for INTER host to participate in this event.
- Host and user must have minimum at 5,000 scores to receive a reward,
if not reward will be cancle.
- Host who attend the event must have a minimum online hours at 6 hours
- User ranking is prohibited for signed host
- Broadcaster who participates the event, must host the program and talk with user.
Broadcaster who sleeps, turns the camera to the empty room and the ceiling,
broadcasts with the black screen, or acts inappropriately while hosting the program,
will be disqualified from the rewards.
- Broadcaster who participated the event have to be committed
the company to use event pictures for promote in marketing activity without pay.
- Only host who has been signed 1 year contract can attend.
- Checking and prize rewarding by the staff takes place within 5 days
after the event has been over, and the rewards take place within 2023/09/27
- Baht currency rate will be equal to the market time when our staff giving rewards
- We reserve the right to change the event details without prior notice.
- To participate in the event and to receive rewards are under the company conditions.
- Time based from our main server.
- Time during offline server or maintenance times are still countinue in the event.
- The staff’s decision is final.
- Non top up user will not allow to receive any reward or counting any score.

Sponsored by WinNine Pacific : winnine.com.au
VJ dan User yang diakumulasi poin paling banyak akan mendapatkan hadiah

Durasi Event
15 SEPTEMBER 2023 (15:00) - 24 SEPTEMBER 2023 (23:59) WIB
Detail Event
1. VJ yang menerima gift event terbanyak akan menerima
hadiah seperti yang ditentukan
☆ 1 gift = 1 poin
2. Poin dihitung hanya dari gift yang viwer kirim ke VJ
3.VJ harus memiliki lebih dari 5.000 poin untuk mendapatkan reward event.
Gift Event

Harga 10 kupon

Hadiah Untuk VJ
Jika gift seluruh server lebih dari 70.000 gift, VJ akan menerima hadiah.
Juara 1 akan mendapatkan 1000 THB
Juara 2 akan mendapatkan 700 THB
Juara 3 akan mendapatkan 300 THB

Jika gift seluruh server lebih dari 200.000 gift, VJ akan menerima hadiah.
Juara 1 akan mendapatkan 2000 THB
Juara 2 akan mendapatkan 1500 THB
Juara 3 akan mendapatkan 600 THB
Hadiah Untuk User
Juara 1 akan mendapatkan 80.000 kupon
Juara 2 akan mendapatkan 50.000 kupon
Juara 3 akan mendapatkan 30.000 kupon

Nilai total hadiah 4.100 baht + 160.000 kupon

- Jika VJ mengirim gift ke VJ bersama-sama.
Poin event tidak akan dihitung.
- VJ yang mengikut dalam event harus mengizinkan
perusahaan pakai gambar yang diposting untuk
mengikuti event ini dapat digunakan dalam event pemasaran.
Itu tidak akan mengklaim hak, kompensasi, dan biaya apa pun.
- Tim akan memeriksa hadiah dalam waktu 5 hari
kerja setelah event berakhir dan kirim hadiah Event dalam 2023/09/27
- Kami berhak mengubah detail tanpa pemberitahuan sebelumnya.
- Mengikut dalam Event dan menerima hadiah harus dalam
kondisi perusahaan.
- Waktu didasarkan terutama pada waktu Sever.
- Keputusan tim bersifat final.
- Tim berhak untuk tidak menghitung poin Event yang
menerima Gift dari User tanpa topup.
- Event apa pun yang diadakan selama shutdown server atau
alasan lainnya
yang membuat tidak mungkin untuk online akan
menempel pada akhir event seperti biasa
Sponsored by WinNine Pacific : winnine.com.au
Winnine Pacific Pty Ltd ,NSW Australia
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