VJ Received " StarEgg " Highest

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Favorite Fly Egg
VJs who most receive gift and follow the event conditions,
will be rewarded.
Special! Broadcaster who owned Winwin Coin
will has a chance to claim X2 points.
Event Duration
May 17th – May 26th ,2023 (GMT+7)
(12.00 - 18.00 of everyday in event period)
Event Rewards

20 Coupons

VJs who most receive gifts will be rewarded.
VJs have to be online every day during
the event period 12.00 - 18.00 at least 1 hour/day.
In case of locking room,
the online time will not be counted.
Please send the gift within the event's period only.
Host require to collects 1,000 pieces of gift for eligible to receive rewards.

★Broadcaster required to use 20 Winwin Coins
for claim X2 points of this event★
(After claim the privilege will receive X2 of point)

VJs who win will be rewarded as follows
1st place, receive 220,000 coupons
2nd place, receive 120,000 coupons
3rd - 5th, receive 50,000 coupons
6th - 7th, receive 30,000 coupons

TOTAL REWARDS OF 550,000 Coupons.
- For X2 of points will be received after updating
at the beginning of the hour.
- Reserved the right not cumulate gift and event
point from non-top up user.
- Reserves the right to Mcat Rated VJ only.
- In case that the total amount of gifts are equal,
VJs who first receive the recent gift will be ranked higher.
- VJs legitly joining the event include the ones who host
the program and talk with players only.
In case that VJs lay down, show the empty room, floor, ceiling,
black screen or act inappropriately for hosting the program,
the team will disqualify the rewards.
- Checking and prize giving by the staff will takes place within 7 - 10 days
after the event has been over,
for checking the event reward
please check on "My Diary" menu.
- We reserve the right to change
the event details without prior notice.
- The staff’s decision is final.
- Time mainly based on server
The app follows the advertised event's period time
regardless of whether a server issue or similar case arises.
Sponsored by WinNine Pacific : winnine.com.au
Winnine Pacific Pty Ltd ,NSW Australia
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