Host who has highest number of lock video

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New star challenges of OpenFans!
First come, First serve! Upload to be a star.

10 MAR 2023 (12.00 PM) – 16 MAR 2023 (10.00 PM) GMT+7

1. Host who participate in this event require
to never upload video on OpenFans tab and upload during event period.
2. Host who has highest number of lock video will receive the reward.

Note: Total unlock number required to be over 1,000
times for incomplete the condition, all participants
will not receive any reward.
Host who never upload video on OpenFans and upload during event and
has highest number of lock video will receive the reward.
1st place, receives 5,000 THB.
2nd place, receives 3,000 THB.
3rd place, receives 1,000 THB.

User who buy most of VDO of host who never upload will receive reward.
Buy 1 VDO will receives 1,000 coupons.
Buy 3 VDOs will receives 5,000 coupons.
Maximum receive of 6,000 coupons.

** Maximum receive once per step.

- Host or creator who didn't reach the conditions will not receive any rewards.
- Reserve the right for users who have topped up over 3 USD
to count the event point.
- Only Global hosts can participate in this event.
- Host who didn't reach the conditions will not receive any rewards.
- We reserve the right to change
The event details without prior notice.
- To participat the event and receive
Rewards are under the company conditions.
- Time is based on the server.
- The staff’s decision is final.
- The app follows the advertised event’s period time
Regardless of whether a server issue or similar case arises.
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Mau menjadi bintang baru OpenFans?
Mulai dulu, Keren dulu! Upload klip untuk menjadi bintang baru!!
Durasi Event

10 Maret 2023 (12.00 WIB) – 16 Maret 2023 (22.00 WIB)

Detail Event (VJ)
1. VJ yang mengikut event harus menjadi VJ yang belum pernah upload klip
di tab Openfans sama sekali dan upload pertama kali di waktu event.
2. VJ yang memiliki jumlah unlock video tertinggi akan menerima hadiah event.

Catatan harus memiliki jumlah unlock klip yang dapat mengikut kodisi event
setidak 1,000 kali atau lebih juka jumlah unlock tidak tercapai kodisi yang
ditentukan VJ tidak akan dapat hadiah event.

Hadiah Event (VJ)
VJ yang belum pernah upload klip di OpenFans dan mengupload klip selama
waktu event dan memiliki jumlah unlock
tertinggi akan menerima hadiah.
Juara 1 akan mendapatkan 5.000 THB
Juara 2 akan mendapatkan 3.000 THB
Juara 3 akan mendapatkan 1.000 THB

Hadiah Event (User)
User yang memiliki jumlah pembelian klip dari VJ yang
belum pernah upload klip OpenFans akan menerima hadiah.
Beli 1 klip akan mendapatkan 1.000 kupon
Beli 3 klip akan mendapatkan 5.000 kupon
Dapatkan hadiah hingga 6.000 Kupon

** Dapat mengkliam kupon 1kali/langkah

- VJ atau kreator yang tidak memenuhi semua persyaratan
tidak akan menerima hadiah dalam event.
Khusus untuk User yang topup 100 THB ke atas bisa mengikut dalam event.
- Khusus untuk ID VJ Global saja.
- Waktu event berdasarkan waktu server.
- Keputusan kami bersifat final
Event yang diadakan selama waktu tutup server atau
karena alasan tidak bisa online Tanggal akhir event seperti semula.
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Winnine Pacific Pty Ltd ,NSW Australia