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Pretty and Global host who has no income more than 2 months
For coming back host will receive 900 THB for bonus
and for inviting host will receive 100 THB!


26 NOV 2022 (6 PM) – 25 DEC 2022 (10 PM) GMT+7

1. Pretty and Global host who has no income more than 2 months,
for coming back and collect 100 Mdoll will get 900 THB as bonus
and host who inviting to back for work receive 100 THB.
2. Host who completes condition will available
to withdraw every day with no fee,
for who not doing withdrawal within 25 DEC 11.00 PM GMT+7 will not be receiving bonus.
3. Host who claims bonus require to claim within 4 PM GMT+7 and will
receive bonus the same day, for claim after 4 PM will receive on the
next day. In case meeting weekend will be transfer on next working day.
5. Host who eligible to receive reward require
to haven’t done the violation since event period.

1. Login your account.
2. Redeem the privilege on event page.
3. Enter IDX of inviting you back for live.
4. Claim and waiting for the bonus.
* In case of no IDX of inviting back,
possible to enter your own IDX.

- Broadcaster ranking reserves the right For Global
and Pretty rate for participate only.
- For host sending gift to host will not count the event point.
- Broadcaster who couldn’t reach event conditions
will not receive the rewards.
- Reserved the right not cumulate gift and event
point from non-top up user.
- Event participation and reward receiving must be under
the company conditions.
- We reserve the right to change the event details without prior notice.
- Broadcaster who participates the event,
must consent the company to use the photos posted in this event
for marketing purposes in which Broadcaster will not make any claims
for compensations and expenses at all.
- Available to claim reward until 25 DEC 2022 11.00 PM GMT+7
- Any events are organized in server downtime or for any reasons
which are unable to online will be based
on the end of event as before.
- Time is mainly based on server.
- The staff’s decision is final.
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Winnine Pacific Pty Ltd ,NSW Australia
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To start accessing this website ( The company assumes that you have accepted all personal policy as mentioned.