Triple MDoll Champion
Time to participate in Mdoll champion
with 3 applications! More collect More bonus!
NOV 26th, 2022 (00.01 AM) – FEB 25th, 2023 (11.00 PM) GMT+7

1. All applications in contact will possible to participate this event.
2. Top 10 hosts who cumulate most of Mdoll following event conditons
will eligible to receive rewards.
3. Host who receives reward if collect more gift will
get more bonus and reward will be divided by cumulate bonus.
4. In case of host who work more than 1 app,
will have right to place on event ranking more than 1 ID
and the point will not cumulate. Total accumulated
gift will count by each application host received.
5. Host require to continuous online and cumulate
at least 50 MDoll for 3 months for eligible to receive reward.

- Reserves the right for broadcasters sending gifts
to other broadcasters will not be counted.
- The team reserves the right to count event points
that have been gifted from users who top up for more than 3 USD.
- Broadcasters who receive cash prizes, if Broadcaster unable
to be active for at least 10 hours 3 days or more,
in case of being Global host will require to lock session for 3 hrs.
including breaking the rules after the event,
broadcasters will not receive rewards.
- Host ranking, reserved the right only for signed contract host.
- Broadcaster who participated in the event will be counted only
for the show and talk to the players.
In the case of lying in the empty room, show ceiling,
black screen or do something inappropriate in broadcast
will be eliminated to get rewards.
- In case of tie gifts, user who send the gift and broadcaster
who receive the gift first will be on higher ranking.
- If there are any detail’s change,
team will be informing in advance.
- Participation and reward must be under company conditions.
- Time based on time of service.
- The team's decision is considered final.
- Any events are organized in server downtime
or for any reasons which are unable to online
will be based on the end of event as before.
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Ranking VJs with the most receiving" MDoll "

No. VJ Bonus App Note.
The points are updated within every hour.
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