REWARDS OF 470,000 COUPONS + 15 WinWin Coins.
Nov. 21st 2022 (00.00) GMT+7 - Nov. 28th 2022 (23.59) GMT+7
1. Top 30 players who reach most of Turnover
during event period will be rewarded.

2. Special reward, for player who participate
for more than 4 days and reach 12M of Turnover will be rewarded.
(Special reward conditions: Limit for first 3 player)
Event Rewards
1st place, receives 80,000 Coupons + 8 WinWin Coins
2nd place, receives 50,000 Coupons + 5 WinWin Coins
3rd place, receives 40,000 Coupons + 2 WinWin Coins
4th – 10th place, receive 10,000 Coupons
11th – 30th place, receive 4,000 Coupons

Special rewards
1st - 3rd place, receives 50,000 Coupons

Total rewards of 470,000 Coupons + 15 WinWin Coins
Reward Receiving Conditions
(All participants are requiring to follow these conditions.)
1st place, have to hit more 8M “Turnover”
2nd – 3rd place, have to hit more 3.5M “Turnover”
4th – 10th place, have to hit more 800K “Turnover”
11th – 30th place, have to hit more 300K “Turnover”
1st place with “Turnover” more than 3.5M,
receives 50,000 coupons

1st – 3rd with “Turnover” more than 800K,
receives 10,000 coupons

1st – 10th place with “Turnover” more than 350K,
receives 4,000 coupons

1st – 30th place with “Turnover” more than 70K,
receives 1,000 coupons

(Noted for special rewards: Reserved the right for participators
who on ranking but could not follow the conditions
will be rewards from special rewards.
Participators will not receive both of rewards.)
Remark :
- Participants require to reach all of conditions during
event period will receive the rewards.
- The Lucky Games event does not participate
in the conditions of ranking for pass Host's salary rate.
- Announcement of results and awarding
within 5 working days after the end of event.
- In case of server maintenance or another reason
causing players cannot be online during event holding,
event still ends as it was.
- We reserve the right to change
the event details without prior notice.
- The staff’s decision is final.
- Rewards will be referred from ranking
that update on the last day of event.
-In case of finding that the player has
performed the turnover balance
of various conditions for the benefit,
the team will be disqualified the reward
from every event of Lucky games.
- Time is mainly based on server.
- For more information, problem report or event rewards
please contact : @luckygames
or Facebook : @luckygamesmlive
Winnine Pacific Pty Ltd ,NSW Australia
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