Pool 391,900 Coupons

FIFA World Cup 2022
Guest the FIFA World Cup winner our hosts!
Just send event gift for receive the right to vote winner team!
For correct answer will get coupons!!
19 NOV 2022 (6 PM) – 9 DEC 2022 (6 PM) GMT+7

World Cup 2022
Price 10 coupons

Receiving Rewards Conditions
1.) Those who vote on winner team of football
will receive reward from pool, more vote more reward.
2.) For early send gift will use lower piece to vote,
the piece of gift will be higher following late time to vote.
3.) Special reward, account which vote the most in case of
having leftover vote will not count privilege in the event.
4.) Minimum vote for 5 votes.
5.) Available to participate in this event
both of user and host, by sending the gift only.
6.) Host will possible to send gift to another host.

Prize plot of 1,000,000 coupons.
Number of receiving reward are 100 privileges.
1,000,000 coupons/number of receiving privilege
1 correct vote will receive 10,000 coupons.
If you vote the right team for 10 votes
will receive 100,000 coupons.

Voting Round
Amount of vote Vote Duration
100 pieces = 1 privilege NOV 19 2022 at 6 PM – NOV 30 2022 at 10.59 PM GMT+7
Amount of vote Vote Duration
150 pieces = 1 privilege NOV 30 2022 at 11 PM – DEC 5 2022 at 10.59 PM GMT+7
Amount of vote Vote Duration
200 pieces = 1 privilege DEC 5 2022 at 11 PM – DEC 9 2022 at 6 PM GMT+7

User who vote the most
1st place - 100,000 coupons.
2nd place - 50,000 coupons.
3rd place - 30,000 coupons.
4th place - 15,000 coupons.
5th place - 15,000 coupons.
- No jackpot of this gift.
- Checking and prize giving by the within 23/12/2022.
- In case of server maintenance or another reasons because players
cannot be online during event holding, event still ends as it was.
- The team reserves the right not to count event points
from gifts received from users who have not made a top-up earlier.
- To participated the event and received
rewards are under the company conditions.
- Time and rank will be mainly based on server.
- We reserve the right to change the event
details without prior notice.
- The staff’s decision is final.
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