Rank Farm Winwin Coin
NEW THING! Those who doing mission of WinWin Coin
will possible to collect complate mission point
at the mentioned place for receive free WinWin Coin!!!
1. System will be sorted ranking
of user who complete mission of WinWin Coin.
2. For complete 1 mission
and claim reward on mentioned date
will be counted as 1 point.
3. For drawing point will be
final by completed mission date.
4. Top 15 users will receive WinWin Coin as reward.
For claim reward will be after ended
of the round at Previous round history > Claim
5. The rankingwill be final on every Monday at 00.00 AM GMT+7.
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1. The point will count by complete mission and claim reward date.
2. For drawing point will be final by completed mission date.
3. For receiving reward, require to own 50 WinWin Coins
and earn 20 points by complete mission.
4. Top 15 users will get reward follow the place
which you placed on and require to follow 3. condition.
5. For disqualify will have this sign display on ranking.

Disqualified due to hold less than 50 coins.
Disqualified due to has less than 20 points.

How to claim reward
1. Access to Rank Farm Winwin Coin
2. Tap on Previous ranking
3. Go by “Claim” button.
(For not qualify will not show the button)

For more information, please contact us by
Inbox Fanpage of MLife or MLiveFanClub
Winnine Pacific Pty Ltd ,NSW Australia