TOP UP for Coolest SKIN and vehicle!
Vehicle which come with cool Chat Frame.
Top up to receive maximum back as 90,000 coupons
Limit amount of quota! No need to wait to be outstanding!
September 22nd, 2022 (4.00 PM) – September 27th, 2022 (10.00 PM) GMT+7
1. The account which tops up follow condition
will possible to claim SKIN as reward during event period.
2. Each top up will not be accumulated.
3. The reward will available for receive once.
For example, Aerial have topped up for 500,000 coupons
and claim reward. For top up more will not receive
any bonus reward anymore.
4. This promotion will not cooperate with others.
5. Limited of rewards 50 privileges / reward.
6. Limit 1 ID / reward.

30,000 coupons or more SKIN Profile 1 Day
Chat frame 1 Day
50,000 coupons or more SKIN Profile 2 Day
Chat frame 2 Day
150,000 coupons or more SKIN Profile 3 Day
Chat frame 3 Day + Vehicle 2 Day
300,000 coupons or more SKIN Profile 5 วัน
Chat frame 5 Day + Vehicle 3 Day
**Limit 1 ID for receive only once reward**
Choose the most worth step

Example of Reward
Chat Frame - Pink Rainbow
Profile - Lovely Rose
Vehicle – Bus8
- All user can participate in this promotion.
- When the users have already topped-up,
it’s required to claim the bonus on the website.
- In case of participate in other promotion and redeem the right by other,
will require to recharge again for receive the privilege by this promotion.
- Bonus redeem is available until SEP 28th, 2022 at 10:00 PM GMT+7.
It will be considered an immediate waiver in case
of not redeeming the bonus coupons.
- We reserve the right for not allowing users who topped up via
Gold man and exchange the THC to be coupon
for participate in this promotion.
- Unable to be participated with another event.
- Time is based mainly on server’s time.
- Any activity held during the server shutdown or any reason that prevents
it from being online will be subject to the end of the event.
- The team's decision is final.
- We reserve the right to change if there is a problem without prior notice.
Sponsored by WinNine Pacific :
Winnine Pacific Pty Ltd ,NSW Australia
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