Extra for you! Top up following our conditions
for the best deal! More top-up, more bonus!
3rd August, 2022 (16:00) – 8th August, 2022 (23:00) GMT+7
1. The cumulative top-up amount is calculated.
2. When the top up amount reaches the condition,
it’s able to claim the coupon bonus following the ranking condition.
3. It is not allowed to claim the bonus not following the ranking level.
4. When the top-up amount has reached
the last level of the ranking 1,000,000 coupons
and has been claimed, will be able to re-accumulate from the first level,
for example, User A has accumulative top-up amount 1,500,000 coupons,
will be able to claim following bonus:

3,000+5,000+7,500+15,000+20,000 +3,000+5,000+7,500+15,000
= *81,000* coupons

= calculated from accumulative 1,000,000 coupons top-up

= calculated from accumulative 500,000 coupons top-up.

5. In case of not claiming the bonus,
it will be considered as a resignment

Cumulative top-up amount Bonus reward
50,000 coupons 3,000 coupons
100,000 coupons 5,000 coupons
250,000 coupons 7,500 coupons
500,000 coupons 15,000 coupons
1,000,000 coupons 20,000 coupons
- Reserved the right only for user accounts who topped-up before.
- When the users have already topped-up,
it’s required to claim the bonus on the website.
- Bonus redeem is available until 9th August, 2022 at 22:00 GMT+7.
It will be considered an immediate waiver in case
of not redeeming the bonus coupons.
- We reserve the right for not allowing users who topped up via
Gold man and exchange the THC to be coupon
for participate in this promotion.
- Unable to be participated with another event.
- Time is based mainly on server’s time.
- Any activity held during the server shutdown or any reason that prevents
it from being online will be subject to the end of the event.
- The team's decision is final.
- We reserve the right to change if there is a problem without prior notice.
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