Lucky Code VJ
Check the way you can earn more!
Promote your lucky and let user apply it on game,
collect until 10K coupons will be able to claim out!
(Host ID who applies the code will be invalid
and the game which possible to apply code if it has the game event
during this event period will not be counted but host will the
reward by the game event instead)

Lucky Code VJ

More apply code and more join in game host will receive more rewards!
Host possible to claim reward by yourself if it reaches 10,000 coupons.

1.How to get Lucky code
Visit our website

Login the same ID in Mcat , Mlive , Mglobal

1.1 Tap on this icon for receive code.

1.2 Fill in and tap on LOGIN for visit the website details.

Follow these steps for more information

1. After log in please recheck your IDXat the upper right side,
if it corrects, please access to“Lucky Code” menu

2.For receive code tap on “GEN CODE”

3. After that it will show your lucky code and also the expiration date of code.
** Host require to claim the coupon before the expire date if not host will not available to claim coupons anymore and team will not take any responsibility **

How to claim coupon from Lucky code
1. Press on “GEN COUPON”

2. Choose the game you want to claim coupon.

3.After chose the game, please enter
the number of coupon you want to claim and tap on“Exchange”
(Minimum for claim coupons is 10,000 coupons )

4. Please check your information carefully before confirm. Tap OK for confirm to claim the coupon from Lucky code.
** The coupon will be add on the IDX which register to get Lucky Code**

5. After this window shown up, the coupons already added on your account tap “OK”
for accept.
** For facing the issue, please contact team following the below information**

For more information or report issue, please contact LINE :
or Facebook :
Winnine Pacific Pty Ltd ,NSW Australia