For football fans who want to shoot the penalty shootout
with your fav star and shoot to the GOAL!!

How to play
1. Confirm button, choose your favorite player for shoot the goal.
If you found you favorite one, please tap on “Choose” button.

2. Bet button, choose bet amount for shoot.
Bet amount will start by:
500 Coupons
2,000 Coupons
5,000 Coupons
20,000 Coupons
100,000 Coupons

3. Choose the direction for shoot follow the yellow arrow.
(The arrow will move left/right up to your direction)

4. Kick button, after choose the goal, then tap on “Kick”
(During choosing direction arrow will still move to left/right)
Choose “Kick” for shoot directly.

5. Speed shoot mode is choosing the speed of shoot.
5.1 If you “Turn off” the speed mode

It will show up the reaction of your player and kick the ball to goal.

5.2 If you “Turn on” the speed mode

The ball will be kicking right the way to goal
and will not show the reaction of player.

6. Auto shoot button, choose number of auto shoot depend on your desire.

7. Help button, this button will descript the details
of game and how to play game.

8. Language button, change the language by this button.

9. Sound button, mute/unmute sound by this button.

10. Quit button, tap on this button for back to the game page.

GOA SHOOT is kind of easy game, right?
Football love shouldn’t miss it! KOIN US NOW!!!
Winnine Pacific Pty Ltd ,NSW Australia