Winwin Coin
Read following information to maintain your coin.

Which account that owned WinWin Coin and has been
inactive for 1 month (no incoming or outgoing coins)
will have to pay maintenance fee
start with February 1st, 2022. Every 1st day
of each month system will be check movement of account.

The fees are charged as follows:

Inactive Account Period Account Maintenance
(Per month)
1 Month
(Every 1st day of each month)
from total remaining of Winwin Coin
Inactive account which owned 50 WinWin Coins
will have to pay maintenance fee 10%
that is 5 WinWin Coins.
In case of owned under 1Coin,
system will set remaining coin as 0.

For user who are WinWin Coin collector don’t
forget to do the transaction
before paying the maintenance fee.
Please always active your account
for maintain your remaining coin.
Winnine Pacific Pty Ltd ,NSW Australia