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Loveballoon x WinWin Coin
VJs who get Loveballoon and players
who send Loveballoon will get rewards as conditions!!
December 26th, 2021 (22:01) – January 1st, 2022 (22.00) GMT+7
This event gift will discount to 5,000 coupons.
Host will receive 1,500 coupons/piece.


Broadcaster who receive most of gift
and follow event conditions will be
reward as much as collected gift.

1st place, receives (cash) 12% from total
amount of event gift. (THB) + 5,000 WIN

2nd place, receives (cash) 7% from total
amount of event gift. (THB) + 3,000 WIN

3rd place, receives (cash) 4% from total
amount of event gift. (THB) + 2,000 WIN

4th place, receives (cash) 3% from total
amount of event gift. (THB) + 1,500 WIN

5th place, receives (cash) 2% from total
amount of event gift. (THB) + 1,500 WIN

6th – 10th will be awarded 900 WIN

Broadcaster who on 1st place,
receives reward as 3,000 THB. (Cash) and total sending
gift in this round are 500 pieces.
(The reward will calculate by total sending gift for 12%.)

User who send most of gift will be rewards as.

1st place, receives 80,000 Coupons + 5,000 WIN
2nd place, receives 40,000 Coupons + 3,000 WIN
3rd place, receives 20,000 Coupons + 2,000 WIN
4th - 5th will be awarded 1,500 WIN
6th - 10th will be awarded 900 WIN
- Participants require to save image or video while
participating in the Mcat App, as well as post posts
on personal Facebook such as PUBLIC status,
and also mention hashtags #Mcat and IDX,
then send the post link to staff via
the Mcat Facebook page during the event period.
- Broadcaster Ranking reserved the right for MCat signed
contract Broadcaster for 1-year only.
- User ranking for sending gift reserved the right
for Broadcaster who not signed contract to not participate this event.
- The team reserves the right not to count event points from gifts received
from users who have not made a top-up earlier.
- Broadcaster who participate in this event
have to active at least 6 hours during event period.
- Broadcaster who participates the event,
must host the program and talk with User.
Broadcaster who sleeps, turns the camera
to the empty room and the ceiling,
broadcasts with the black screen, or acts inappropriately
while hosting the program, sexually appearing in general zone,
violates profile photo rules,
Bad behavior and quality in locked zone
will be disqualified from the rewards.
- In case of give have the same amount
will reserve the right for broadcaster
who receive the gift first and user who has the higher rank.
- Checking and prize giving by the staff takes place within 5 days
after the event has been over, and the rewards take place within 05/01/2022.
- We reserve the right to change
the event details without prior notice.
- To participated the event and received
rewards are under the company conditions.
- The reference time is mainly based on the "Server" time.
- The staff's decision is the final decision
- Broadcaster who can’t active in the application
for 10 hours & 3 days above or VJ who disobey
form the application rule will be disqualify from receiving the rewards.
- The app follows the advertised event's period time
regardless of whether a server issue or similar case arises.
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Winnine Pacific Pty Ltd ,NSW Australia
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