How to play “Mwheel”
First step, player will have to select the amount of coupon
for spin the wheel. Choose “SPIN” or “AUTO” for spin the wheel.
After that, wheel will show up the result
and Mwheel will giveaway for bonus to our player that is “Free spin”

How to play
1. Select the amount for spin the wheel.

2. Choose “SPIN” or “AUTO” button.

3. The wheel will show up the result.

4. Giveaway bonus on Mwheel!
Ex. Spin wheel for 1 time will receive +10
and have a chance to receive free spin for bonus.
Spin and win for 29 times will receive bonus 290 Coupons.

5. Description button.

6. Sound and language setting button.

7. Exit the game

Winnine Pacific Pty Ltd ,NSW Australia