How to Play Devil VS Angel
“Angel VS Devil” is the uncomplicated card game.
Players can easily understand the game rule and enjoy
with the fantasy. The game will determine the points
of 3 cards between both teams.
How to play
1. Players choose the betting chips (coupons): 100, 1000, 10,000 and 50,000.

2. The betting slots are divided into 2 slots
which are “Angel” and “Devil”.
The betting rates for both slots are 1:1
(Players are unable to bet “Angle” and “Devil” together.)

3. “Trend” is for checking the betting
summary result of the previous round.

4. “Keep Betting” button is for betting
as the same amount that
the player bet in the previous round.

5. “List” button is for checking the player data list.

6. Button at the top right corner for other menus.

6.1 “Game Setting” button

Able to set up the game music and effects sound.

6.2 “Game Description” button

7. “Language Setting” button

8. “Quit Game” button

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