How to play “Fish Saga Gold”
New Fish Saga Gold! The usual game type you know
for current fish shooting. Simple and nothing complicated at all.
It's just that you choose which field to shoot the fish,
but there will be new fields and more special fish.
Guaranteed for the best experience ever.
How to play
1. Select the fish shooting field
which will be divided into 2 fields
and each field will be used the coupon
price differently.

2. Select the gun price for shooting
by tapping on (+) button to increase price
and (-) button to decrease price.

3. Shoot the fishes passing by,
each type of fish will have a different score.

4. Lock function will be used for shooting
and locking the target by tapping on Lock button
and select the type of fish.

5. Automatic attack function
used for automatic shooting.

6. Help button is used for describing
the score in each fish.

7. Sound setting button On/Off

8. Quit game button

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