How to play The Hunter
The Hunter game, it’s so easy to play,
just tap on animals to attack
There will be special rewards fromcard point arrangement,
including special event system to hunt boss.
Let’s see how to play!
1. Select animals that need to attackี
Each animal will have different multiplicationrate,
player can choose to attack.
The multiplication rate in picture below

2. Select weapons to hunt
Weapons will have different prices,
player can choose expensive weapons to get more rewards

3. Special reward
from card point arrangement

Each card will be received from attacking animal,
more or less multiplication rates
are different foreach card points

4. Event hunting dragon boss
Open to hunt everyday at02.00 P.M.,
08.00 P.M. and10.00 P.M.
Player who can hunt boss will earn
special rewards 250,000coupons

5. Change Language button

6. Unmute/Mute Sound button

7. Game Notices button

8. Game Description button

9. Backward Mlive Page button

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