Special Offer!! For VJ who invites users
to play Fish Saga, FREE BONUS!!!

Event Details
1. VJ claims “Lucky Code” and gives User the code.
User enter it in the game.
2. VJ will receive the share of coupons from all “Turnover”
of User whom VJ invited. More “Turn”, More receive !!
3. Accumulate every 10,000 Coupons,
Then VJ can receive rewards. VJ must claims rewards at “Diary” page.
How to get the “Lucky Code” for VJ?
1. Enter, MLive Website.
2. Log in.
3. Choose, “Diary”.
4. Tap on, “Lucky Code”.
5. Then give the code that VJ receive
to the user to fill
in the registration field in the game.

How to enter the “Lucky Code” for USER?
1. After receiving the “Code” from VJ, Enter “Fish Saga” game and press on “Register”.

2. Enter the “Code” and press on “OK”. The registration is completed.

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