Top up to receive “Silver Crown” for 7 days !
Wow... The awesome event’s come. Just top up at the minimum amount as specified
then recieve “Silver Crown” rank for decorating your profile for 7 days !
Event Duration
November 26th, 2019 (18.00 GMT+7) – November 30th, 2019 (23.00 GMT+7)

Silver Crown
(Duration : 7 days)


-  The players who top up more than 100,000 Coupons for the fist time
within the promotion period,
will receive the special rank “Silver Crown” (for 7 days.)
- Reserve the right to the ID with the rank that is not over “Pruple VIP” only.
- If the players have the accumulated VIP at “Silver Crown” level or above,
the system will change VIP to the actual level immediately.
- 1 ID has only 1 right to claim.

1. The players at “Purple VIP” level have 100,000 accumulated Coupons.
2. When topping up for 100,000 Coupons,
the players will receive “Silver Crown” (7 days.)
3. But, if topping up for 500,000 Coupons,
they will receive “Gold Crown” (30 days) immediately.

- Time mainly based on server.
- The staff’s decision is final.
-  We reserve the right to change the event details without prior notice.
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