How to play“SuperFish”
“Super Fish”is the newest fish shooting game.
Bet that you all are very familiar with it very well.
This game is just like normal fish shooting games
but unique with more choices of the room price.
How to play
1. Choose the room. The rooms are divided
into 3 rooms and each room requires
different Coupons to shoot fish.

2. Choose the gun weapons by pressing on (+) button
to increase the price and (-) button to decrease the price.

3. Shoot the fish that are swimming around.
Each type of fish and items has different attributes
and multiplying rates.

4. “Auto” button is for automatic shooting.

5. “Game Description” button is for checking
the reward rates of fish in each type.

6. “Setting” button is for
customizing sounds in the game.

7. ‘Quit Game” button, Return to “Mlive” page.

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