How to play Crazy Ball
Crazy Ball is the pinball style game with
the very easy way to play just simple tap the ball
for release and let’s the ball fall
in the slots each slot will have different rate
it’s depends on your luck! Special! But especially,
the game will have a Jackpot system
that can release the ball for free.

How to play
1. Choose the ball’s prize to play the game

2. Tap the screen for release the ball,
Let’s the ball fall in the slots each slot
has the different multiply times as follows

Slot 1 rate 1.8 Slot 2 rate 0.8
Slot 3 rate 1.2 Slot 4 rate 0.4
Slot 5 rate 0.2 Slot 6 rate 1.6
Slot 7 rate 0.6 Slot 8 rate 2.0

3. The Jackpot Slots when the ball fall
in this slot the system will accumulate the jackpot’s tube
when this tube full the game will entered Jackpot Mode

4. Jackpot Mode. In this mode,
the ball can be released for 5 seconds.

5. Auto Button is use for auto play

6. Sound Setting button

7. Game Description button

8. Language Setting button

9. Back to Mlive button

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