How to play Fantan
Fantan is a popular game in the casinos
that will amuse you with its playing and betting.
Its reward counting also makes this game standout in the casinos.
How to play
1. Choose the amount of chips you want to bet.
There are 6 prices in total.
100 , 500 , 1,000 , 5,000 ,10,000 , 50,000

2. There are 5 types of the betting in total.
2.1 The type of betting: Odd/Even

2.2 The type of betting: Fan

2.3 The type of betting: Kwok

2.4 The type of betting: 1NIM2

2.5 The type of betting: Tong

2.6 The type of betting: Chun

3. “Keep Betting” button means
that players will bet on the same amount
of the previous round that the players have bet on.

4.”Game Description” button.

5. “Language Setting” button.

6. “Trend”, This slot is for checking
the history of game rewarding in each round.

7. ”More” button.

7.1 “Quit Game” button.

7.2 “On/Off Sound” button.

8. “Return to Mlive” button.

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