How to play “Great sailing”
“Great sailing” is a new popular slot game
with the pirate interface.
This game will surprise you with it's rewarding
and different moods and tones.
How to play
1. Players have to choose “Bet Line”
coupons that you want to bet.
There are 7 “Bet Lines” in total as follows.
- Betline 100, Use 2,500 coupons per a spin.
- Betline 500, Use 12,500 coupons per a spin.
- Betline 1,000, Use 25,000 coupons per a spin.
- Betline 5,000, Use 125,000 coupons per a spin.
- Betline 10,000, Use 250,000 coupons per a spin.
- Betline 20,000, Use 500,000 coupons per a spin.
- Betline 40,000, Use 1,000,000 coupons per a spin.
If you want to increase or decrease, please press (+) or (-).

2. After choosing “Betline” you want,
press “Start” button to start the game.

3. “Auto” button is for automatic spinning.
Press the button again to cancel.

4. “Record” button is for checking
reward history of the players.

5. “Game Description” button.

5.1 Types of linking lines.

5.2 Types of game rewarding.

5.3 For “Reward”, Players can check the spinning
reward rates from the picture.

6. “On/Off Sound” button.

7. “Quit Game” button.

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