How to play Jurassic Park
“Jurassic Park” is a slot game that represents
in the dinosaur forms. This game will hype you up
with its awesome rewarding and types of award receiving.
How to play
1. Select the betting prize
Betting x10 cost 500 coupons
Betting x50 cost 2,500 coupons
Betting x100 cost 5,000 coupons
Betting x250 cost 12,500 coupons
Betting x500 cost 25,000 coupons

2. Select the multiply times
there will have x1,x2 ,x3 to choose

3. Auto button there will have
0,10,20,50,100, ∞ rounds to choose

4. The speed up will have X1,X2,X3 to choose

5. Start by tapping “Spin”

6. Example of the prize

6.1 The Rewarding of special rewards

7. Menu button

7.1 Audio setting

7.2 Speed setting

7.3 Betting setting

7.4 Rewards radio

7.5 Rule

7.6 Round, Win and Loss history

8. Betting amount

9. This number will show the player’s
reward of the lastest round

10. Setting audio ON/OFF.

11. Return to Mlive.

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