How to play Rock Paper Scissors
“Rock Paper Scissors”
game is a must-know Thai traditional game.
It’s served with awesome cartoon characters
that are reminiscent of your childhood.
How to play
1.There are 3 betting slots to choose;
Black color , Red color and Tie.
The betting rates for each slot are different.
Black color: will be 1:1.
Red color: will be 1:1.
Tie: will be 1:2.

2. For summary of betting results or “Trend”,
Players can check the betting results
of the previous round.

3. The price of the betting chips depends
on the coupons that the players have in the game.

4. Keep betting, This slot means that players
will bet on the same amount of betting
as bet in the previous round.

5. ”More” button.

5.1 Setting.

5.2 Game explanation.

6. “Language Setting” button.

7. List of players or names of participating players.

8.”Return to Mlive” button.

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