How to play Gaogae
Gaogae is the best card game
that will charm you with its playing.
It comes in the glamorous
form and has the unique way to play.
How to play
1. Select the room you want to play.
The rooms are divided into rooms
and each room will use different coupons for play.
Room 1, Use the minimum of 100 coupons for play.
Room 2, Use the minimum of 1,000 coupons for play.
Room 3, Use the minimum of 10,000 coupons for play.

2. Select the seat as you want.

3. While the two cards are open,
you can choose to bet or fold as you want.

3.1 “Fold” button means that players who “Fold”
will not play in this turn,
but will pay the seat and the betting
as paid at the beginning.

3.2 “Max Bet” button or the button
for betting the full amount in each betting round.
Room 1, Able to bet at the maximum of 2,000.
Room 2, Able to bet at the maximum of 100,000.
Room 3, Able to bet at the maximum of 500,000.
(Not include the payment of the seat at the beginning.)

3.3 Example of Room 1.
“Betting/ Fight” button,
Able to bet starting from
1,000, 500, 200, 100 coupons.

3.4 Example, if you already “Fight or bet”,
you are able to click “Pass”.
It will not count as “Fold”.

3.5 You are able to “Fight or Bet”
for more after seeing all three cards.

4. Example of reward receiving.

5. “More details” button.

5.1 Explanations.

6. “Setting” button.

6.1 “On/Off sound” button.

6.2 “Return to lobby” button.

7. “Return to Mlive” button.

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