How to play Throwing Knife
Throwing Knife is the new mini game about throwing knife.
It’s easy to play and nothing is complicated.
Players just throw the knife to hit the spot
by that knife must not hit other knives and then receive the rewards.
If you are good at shooting or balloon darts,
you should not miss this game!
How to play
1. Players select the room. The rewards and coupons
for each round of play in each room will be received differently.
The highest reward is 200,000 coupons.

2. Click start button to throw the knife

3. Throw the knife by that knife must not hit the knives on the spot.
There are 3 levels which are easy, moderate, and difficult.
Players must pass all 3 levels to receive coupon rewards in each room.
If there’s any mistake in any level,
players will lose the betting in that round immediately.

4. Language setting button

5. Select new room button

6. Save the previous round of play button

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