How to play Zeus vs Poseidon
Zeus vs Poseidon, New form of Poker Game
It’s the game that measures the card points between 2 teams.
This game is easy to play yet fast-paced.
The War God slot is featured on bettingfor
players who want the multiplied rate in high return.
How to play
1. There are 3 betting slots available to choose
which areZeus, Poseidon, and War God slot.

1.1 Betting slot, Zeus and Poseidon
the betting rate is 1:1 which mean receiving
profits in return 1 time.

1.2 War God slot, the betting rate is according
to the card points
as follow three of a kind x10 ,
Straight Flush x5 ,Flush x3 ,Straight x2 ,
Pair(9,10,J,Q,K,A) x1 Regardless of whether
the result is Black or Red,
if the card points are based on these
will be considered as correct betting result.

2. Betting summary or Trend, players are able
to check the betting result on the previous round.

3. Select chip rates to bet.

4. Keep betting button is to bet in the same amount of previous round.

5. Player lists button

6. On/Off sound in game

7. Game description button

8. Language setting button

9. Back to Mlive button

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