How to play Pirate King
Pirate King ! The new slotmachine anime style!!!
came with the unlimited Jackpot
the you can get rich without even notice
How to play
1. Select a room. There are 3 rooms,
each requires different coupon price to play.
Room 1 At least 100 coupons for playing
Room 2 At least 1,000 coupons for playing
Room 3 At least 10,000 coupons for playing

2. Choose the number of coupons you want to use.
The highest prices of rooms are different.

3. Choose the line number or multiplier, X20 Lines

4.The "เล่นเต็ม Line" button is used for change in to the maximum Line

5. Start by clicking “หมุน”.

You can hold “หมุน” for auto play

7. Example of the prize

8. “กฏ” is used for checking the prize rate of line.

9. “Won” can be used to check all
profits of the player.

10. “Jackpot” can be used for checking the prize pool.

11. Setting audio ON/OFF.

12. Return to Mlive.

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