How to play Dragon Machine?
Dragon Machine,the new slot game
that needs to be called "Very Good!".
With features that are different from old slot games
and greatest effects within the game There is a separate mode
that allows the player to extend the reward coupon received.
Whether it's a "Betting" mode or "Little Mary" mode.
Do not waste your time,Let’s go and play!.
How to play?
1. Select the "Betline" price that you want to rotate,
with a total of 14Betlines.The lowest will be 100
and the maximum will be300,000 coupons.

2. After selecting the desired Betline,
then rotate by pressing the "Rotate" button.
If you want to rotate automatically,
press and hold the rotate button and select the number of rounds.

3. "Little Mary mode", while playing games,
If there are 3 or more dragons connected,
the system will enter the "Little Mary" mode,
and then the system will automatically rotate.

4. Conditions for the number of rounds
in the random rewards "Little Mary" by defining the number
of rounds from the image that is linked, as follows
Betline in the game= (Dragon) 5 connecting lines were
given the opportunity to play the game "Little Mary" 3 times.
Betline in the game= (Dragon) 4 connecting lines were
given the opportunity to play the game "Little Mary" 2times.
Betline in the game= (Dragon) 3connecting lines were
given the opportunity to play the game "Little Mary" 1time.

5. “Betting” mode, while playing game,
If rotated and received the reward.
Players can choose whether to accept the reward
or to win the reward in “Betting” mode.
In case of choosing “Betting” mode.
Players will have to predict the outcome of the dice,
which will be divided into 3 slots: High / Draw / Low,
and can choose to continue playing in “Betting” mode
or return back to rotation page.

6. Payout rate for low slot in “Betting” mode
is the total 2-6 points fornumber of dice, will be awarded X2.

Payout rate high slot in “Betting” mode
is the total 8-12 points for number of dice, will be awarded X2.

The middle slot is the total of 7 points, will receive X6 rewards.

7. Example of the highest jackpot award.

8. The maximum line button is used
to select the maximum multiplier of "Betline".

9. Exit

10. Sounds On/Offin the game.

11. Recording for check players“Recode”.

12. Adjust the rotation speed.

13. Game details.

14. Back to Mlive page.

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