How to play HammerGame
HammerGame or smash the beaver game is quite easy
and funny game with no stress.
Just choose a hammer and smash the beavers that emerges.
The system will randomly reward those issued up to 2 times !!!
How to play?
1. Choose the hammer that you want to use to smash the beaver with.
There will be 3 price sets, including 500 coupons,
1,000 coupons and 5,000 coupons.

2. Smash the beaver head that emerges from the hole.
The player will be charged a hammer per 1 shot.

3. Rewards multiplier rate.
The system will randomly award from the knock.
Miss Smashed 0.5 times, smashed 1 fold,
smashed 1.5 times nd the maximum can be doubled,
for the rewards of smashing 1 time.

4. Button to switch sound on/off.

5. Press for game details.

6. Press to go back to Mlive first page.

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