Takeme Special Promotion
Top up in Mlive to get free coupons in Takeme

10 June 2019 (16.00) – 16 June 2019 (22.00)

Event details
▶ Top up in MLive during the promotion period and you will get free coupons in Takeme.
▶ Top up in MLive for 20,000 coupons or more / receive free 10,000 Takeme coupons.
▶ Limited to only the first 500 Takeme IDs to claim coupons
▶ This promotion is based on the actual top up, not accumulated top up. For example,
you cannot top up for 10,000 for 2 times to get coupons. You must top up for 20,000
at a time in order to get coupons.
▶ This promotion is applied in all top up channels.
▶ Limited for 1 ID to receive reward for 1 time only (1 Mlive ID per 1 Takeme ID)

Top up in MLive Get free! Takeme
20,000 coupons or above 10,000 coupons

How to get free Takeme coupons
▶ Download and login ID through Takeme app, click to download
▶ Login Mlive ID that top up on Mlive website.
▶ Click Diary button

▶ Click Promotion Takeme button

▶ Enter Takeme ID number to claim free coupons.

Click to download Takeme

▶ Problem and enquiry, please contact LINE: @takemeclub / Fb: @TakeMeFanClub
▶ In case of not receiving the rewards before the end of the promotion will
be considered a waiver immediately.
▶ Time mainly based on server.
▶ We reserve the right to change the promotion details without prior notice.
▶ The staff’s decision is final.

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