How to enter the locked room by gifts 
and 4-digit password

Just get to know the VJ and make sure that they can be trusted
(to prevent any scams).
Then, choose a VJ room and follow these steps.

1. Select a room you want to watch.  
(Locked rooms will show the lock icon)

2. Enter the room and you will find the unlock conditions.

2.1 If the room requires only gift, it will show the gift picture
and the number needed to unlock.
[Sample image] Pay 1 M Baby to unlock (13,000 coupons)

2.2 If the room requires gift + password, it will show the 4-digit text box
as well as the gift and number of gift needed to unlock.
[Sample image] You can watch if you type in the correct password.

*In case you exit the room and enter again, you need to type
in the same password to unlock.

3. Tap "Send requirement gift to unlock the room" to unlock.

4. A notification window will show up to confirm the costs to watch.
You can check the gift and amout of gift before confirmation.

5.Select “CONFIRM” and the system will deduct your coupons
equal to the cost of gifts that needed for unlocking.
After that, you can watch the streaming until the VJ stop streaming.

* If the VJ stops streaming and starts a new streaming, you need to pay
for the unlocking conditions according the setting by VJ.

* After you paid for watching, you can exit the room and enter again
without having to pay as long as VJ is streaming in the same room.

If your coupon amount is not sufficient, the system will notify you to top up first
(as shown in the picture).
Press TOPUP to purchase coupons.

For a recommended, trustable and safe top up channel, use
You can read more details here:

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