Just top up via regulative gateways,
every 50,000 coupons has right to win
the highest bonuses 10% immediately!!
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Event Duration
20 February 2019 (14.00) – 22 February 2019 (23.00) GMT+7
Event Details
- Once topped up via E-Paypal , Paypay and winnerstore
every 50,000 Coupon are eligible to get more coupons bonus 0-10%
- Counting amount of once per top up only, cumulative
amount won’t be counted i.e. Top up 51 USD (153,000 Coupon)
will get 3 rights to random, but top up 8 USD (24,000 Coupon)
and 11 USD (33,000 Coupon) more will get coupons from normal rate,
and have no right to random bonus.
- This promotion can be used with another promotion.

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Chance to get coupons when claim bonus

Do not get bonus, please try again ❤
500 Coupon
1,000 Coupon
1,500 Coupon
2,000 Coupon
2,500 Coupon
3,000 Coupon
5,000 Coupon

- Once finish top up must claim more coupons from website.
- Be able to claim bonus until 23 February, time 22.00 GMT+7
- The reference time mainly based on the server.
- The team's decision is final.
- We reserve the right to change the event details without prior notice.

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