Baccarat, the most popular card game, for those who
playing Poker Card, this is not difficult for you.
The reason because these two games are similar
and some of you may not be able to imagine so,
let’ see how to play.

How to play
1. Select the number of chips you want to bet by
6 prices 100 , 500 , 1k ,5k,10k and 50k

2. There are 8 slots for Baccarat with a different
reward rates as follow.

1.1 Player slot means players are the winner, betting rate 1:2
1.2 Banker slot mean bankers are the winner, betting rates 1:1.95
1.3 Poker player slot means the players have the poker card 8-9 points,
betting rate 1:3
1.4 Poker banker slot means the bankers have poker card 8-9 points,
betting rate 1:3
1.5 Player pair slot means the players have pair card, betting rate 1:12
1.6 Banker pair slot means the bankers have pair card, betting rate 1:12
1.7 Draw slot mean the betting is draw both 2 sides, betting rate 1:9
1.8 Draw slot with the same points of card means the betting is draw with
the same card’s value, betting rate 1:33

3. How to count points of card
A-9 cards are counted according to the card’s value.
A card is counted as 1 point and 10 , J , Q cards are counted
as 0 point. In case of the total points of cards are over than 10 points,
only the last digit will be counted e.g. 2+10 =12 means 2 points.

4. Rules button is used to check the conditions of card drawing for players and banker.

5. Betting result box, the players are able to check the result of the previous round.

6. Continue button is used to bet in the same amounts of the previous round.

7. Setting button

7.1 Quit button

7.2 On/Off sound in game

7.3 On/Off music in game

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