How to play Dragon vs Tiger
Dragon vs Tiger is the simple game to play.
Just count the points of card by sorting in descending order
as follow K>Q>J>10>9>8>7>6>5>4>3>2>A Once we understood
the points of card, let’s see how to play
1. Betting block consist of 3 blocks
which are Dragon, Tiger and Draw

1.1 Dragon and Tiger betting blocks,
the betting rate is 1:1 If the bet is made,
profit will be returned 1 time. For example,
betting 100 profit 100.

1.2 Draw block, the betting rate is 1:8
If the bet is made, profit will be returned 8 times.
For example, betting 100 profit 800

2. Betting result or Trend, players are able
to check the previous round result.

3. King of Chips, the price of chips will be less
or more depending on the coupon
within the game that the player has.

4. Continuous bet in this block will be betting
in the same amount of previous round.

5. Chat function for players
to communicate each other.
You can turn off/on as you want.

6. Language setting button
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